Angullong Whites

Angullong by name, Everlong in flavour.

Angullong by name, Everlong in flavour.

Angullong have a lovely cellar door in Millthorpe, just up from the excellent Tonic restaurant. Well worth the 20 minutes drive from Orange. Just watch out for the dog that sits in the middle of the intersection. They’ve got some silverware in the cabinet with their Tempranillo and their Noble Riesling, and there’s no reason that they can’t continue that trend in the future. Like a great rock song, these 2 whites are beautifully crafted and will be stuck in your head.

2012 Savagnin “The Pretender”

Send in your skeletons Sing as their bones go marching in... again.

What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays?
You’re the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender?

I always remember to spell Savagnin by saying “Savage NIN” in my head..and now Angullong have named this “The Pretender,”  potentially one of The Foo Fighter’s greatest songs. Can any other label rock out this much??

Savagnin came into the country accidentally as Albarino, but now it really is coming into it’s own as winemakers are starting to work it out.  The fruit is technically classified as ‘Central Ranges’ on the label, which suggests that the vineyard falls under the “You Must Be This High To Be On This Ride” altitude-centric GI of Orange.

Light gold in the glass. Pawpaw and dried pineapple, lemon rind, mandarin pith. Complexity and freshness. Utterly juicy drinkable palate with lemons and mandarins. Toasty notes, medium length but a generous, gorgeous palate. Finishes dry with medium plus acidity. When Savagnin can be as good as this, it’s future as a contender, not a pretender is definitely assured.

Alcohol: 13.5%

RRP: $22

2011 Chardonnay



Hesitant on the green glass bottle, which indicates a certain “budget” drinking, but the first sniff blows that away.

Toasty, struck matches, roasted cashews, butter and lemon. Grilled peaches and stonefruits, lemons and nectarines with a finish of lemon. Zippy lemon just out of the fridge, when left to warm up, it’s a little on the broader side than what would be expected from Orange, but there’s still good length of acidity. A little old school with the oak treatment, but it’s chock full of good fruit and provides excellent drinking value.

Alcohol: 13%

RRP: $17

Both wines Samples courtesy of Define Wine and Angullong Wines

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