Raïdis Estate ‘The Kelpie’ Sauvignon Blanc 2015

“Sheep are cute, sheep are beaut, sheep are soft and curly.

But when I take ’em in to town I have to start out early….

Cos they never go the way I want so I need someone to help me!

I just give a whistle….and I call for Bob the Kelpie!”

Thanks Don Spencer. The Raidis team have goats instead….Ruminate on the ruminants.

Raïdis Estate ‘The Kelpie’ Sauvignon Blanc, Coonawarra 2015

Raidis Estate-10893-4

Pungent smells of black currant leaf, fresh asparagus spears and ash. Refreshing palate: with light citrus pith, gooseberry and smoky black currant. Acidity zings it along and drives the palate longer than expected. Definitely in the herbaceous, rather than tropical fruit spectrum. A pleasant departure point from a presupposed  Sauv Blanc flavour-land.

RRP: $20

Alc: 12%

Wine sample courtesy of Raïdis Estate.

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