Submission of Samples

If you’d like to submit wine/cider/beer or a spirit for review and publication, please send an email requesting delivery details.

Please include with the submission:

  • The RRP of the product in $AU
  • All relevant contact details of the producer
  • Any special purchase conditions (such as “on-premises” or “cellar door only”)

All submissions will be reviewed and published. Please advise when sending if you would not like the sample review published.



2 responses to “Submission of Samples

  1. Hi Regan,
    May we send you Some samples for some more reviews please.
    Our Graciano & Gran Tinto ( blend of Shiraz, Garnacha & Tempranillo) may be of interest.
    Where do we send them & how many bottles??
    Tony , Debbie & Sam McKendry
    Vinifera wines

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