Rating of Wine

For a long time I’d eschewed putting a score or rating to the wines I’ve reviewed on here, hoping that the reader could make their own conclusions based on my review and words. For some of my other writings published elsewhere, I use an arbitrary rating out of 10. Yet people were still asking about the wines I’ve reviewed on my site for a score to reflect a summation of my thoughts.

There are a myriad of systems that one could employ. I’ve chosen not to go with a 100 point scale as the incremental difference between say, 92 and 93 is infinitesimal and to me seems more complex for the average wine drinker to comprehend. As such, I have begun to use the well regarded 20 point scale (with quarter markers for “+”) similar to those favoured by Australian wine shows and many other wine writers.

Gold: 18.25 to 20 – an exceptional wine.

Silver: 17 to 18  – an extremely good wine.

Bronze: 15.25 to 16.75 – a good wine.

14 – 15 = Just acceptable. No specific wine making faults, but there will be better wines around.

< 14 Don’t even bother.

Ultimately, it is still an objective opinion and the only true judge of wine is you.