Bremerton Mollie & Merle Verdelho 2022

Oft not understood, but once people get a taste, they’re hooked. Named after the Bremerton’s Willson sisters’ grandmothers. Label is from 2020, but nought is different elsewise.

Bremerton, Mollie & Merle, Verdelho, Langhorne Creek, 2022


Aromatic and bright. Yellow flowers, Buerré Bosc pear, candle wax, preserved lemon, puffed rice savoury line and green pea. Rich and flowing with a slightly yellow buttery depth to the palate. Crisp pomme  fruit acidity with lingering tanginess and saliva inducing acidity.  Interesting and flavoursome.

RRP: $18
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 17.5/20 (90/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Bremerton 


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