Clovely Estate Left Field Semillon 2009

I wonder if they pronounce all the letters…

Another wine for the “unofficial” Queensland Wine Week from Clovely Estate. I’ve already written up some thoughts on the region, so  please see my words on the their Shiraz here.

Lightish gold in the glass, there’s a note of development upon the first smells. There’s toasty honeyed notes and deep lemon punctuated with a little wax. Some struck match sulphur prickles the nose.

A little more than light, almost medium bodied with some weight. Palate heads towards lemon citrus pith, some smokiness, soap and some tiring acidity that hits me on the teeth in the same way the Shiraz did. A little metallic edge of stainless steel. What’s happening here? The mouthfeel is quite full and rounded, as I would start to expect after 4 years of age, but I’m still missing a “freshness” that I would hope for under screwcap. The wine finishes a little short on flavour and long on that acidity. A little nutty phenolics to linger on with….This isn’t an unpleasant wine by any means, but there’s something not quite together on this one. I would have liked to have seen the wine upon first or early release.

The 09 Vintage wasn’t great in some regions of Australia (bad bushfires in Victoria etc) but I don’t know if it may have or may not have affected the year in Queensland?

Alcohol: 10.6%

RRP: $20

Source: Sample courtesy of  Clovely Estate.



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