Sassy Orange

These 2 wines were sent by David Cumming at Define Wine just before the start of NSW Wine Festival, but as the wines are getting their debut outings this week at a Pop-Up Bar for F.O.O.D Week in Orange, I thought I’d save the post till then.

The media release tells me that Sassy is a new addition to the already impressive line up of wineries in Orange. Run by Fliss and Rob Coles, the small 6.2 hecatre Coolinda vineyard planted with Pinot in 2005 and Arneis in 2009  is not their first, previously running a vineyard in Cowra 16 years ago. The vineyard sits high, at 900 metres so those young grapes get lovely cool nights to hold their acidity. Organic and Biodynamic principles are adhered to in the vineyard. If these 2 wines are but a tease of what else is to come, Sassy is going to be yet another string in Orange’s already impressive bow.

"Ivor good mind that you'll loike these 'ere woines."

“Ivor good mind that you’ll loike these ‘ere woines.”

2012 The Ivor Arneis

Named after their friend Ivor Claydon who introduced the Coles to the varietal. It’s spiritual home is Piedmont in North Western Italy, hence being known as the White Barolo. Almost extinct in the 70’s, it is gaining a resurgence in its homeland and also here in Australia and New Zealand. Apparently quite finicky and difficult to grow, the Coles have done a bang up job with young vines.

Lovely pale gold but almost glowing in the glass. Grilled almonds & nuts with soft stonefruit blossom and cream. Hay and a lilt of sweet  fruits. Medium light body, good balanced soft acidity with lemon citrus and just under-ripe stonefruit with more hay/straw finish. That smoky nuttiness starts to grow in the glass as the wine warms up. There’s more going on than one first tastes..don’t serve it too cold and give it some food with a bit of structure, I think this wine can take it. Love to see how the vines develop over the years.

Alcohol: 11.5%

RRP $20

2010 Pinot Noir

Looks a little soupy in the glass (minimal filtration) with cherry, rhubarb, walnuts, white pepper. Palate is similar to the nose with the stewy red cherry fruits, rhubarb, some raisin, zingy white pepper and a nice touch of acid. It’s a chewy kind of pinot, a little bit of roast meat complexity and medium full length. With its complexity and minimal filtration, it somehow reminds me a little of a uni student’s share house loungeroom: There’s definitely smarts in the conversation but the couches feel very well sat in and you’re never sure how many have sat there before you, there’s something good going on, but it still feels a little funky.

Alcohol: 13.7%

RRP: $30


Sassy Wines..Sassy Label…Sassy Juice!

Both wines Samples courtesy of Define Wine.

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