Agerre Txakoli 2016

Still currently abroad and staying in Basque country’s culinary seaside jewel San Sebastian. Technically we’re hitting low tourist season here but the number of visitors is still staggering. Summer must have them packed tighter than a tin of sardines. After moving away from the evaporatable crianza of Rioja, the local wine is Txakoli. (Note that the “tx” is pronounced as a “ch” sound.) Skilled pintxos bar staff here pour it from about a metre above the glass to give theatrics to a relatively inexpensive wine. Is it somewhat ubiquitous in every bar and not just for the sun seeking tourists. I snaffled a lower to mid priced bottle of Agerre Txakoli at the nearby supermarket for a non-pintxos biased taste.

Agerre, Txakoli, Getariako DO, 2016

Txakoli always carries a slight spritz and this is no different. Slatey, springwater nose with briny hints over green apple skin and lemon/lime juice. The carbonation on the palate increases the mineral drying, cleansing characteristics of the wine. Bittersweet lime and underripe green apple (granny smith) acidity with talc and chalk. The finish is dry and relatively short. Put simply this is a wine for the sun and the seafood.

RRP: €7

Alc: 11.5%

Rating: 15.5/20

Wine self purchased.


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