Dalfarras Pinot Grigio 2017

The Dalfarras wines are a label of Tahbilk (named after Alister Purbrick’s wife Rosa, her maiden name being Dal Farra) that celebrate wine, art and family. This label’s artwork by Rosa represents her vision of “lichen on a stand of birch trees. All lacy, loopy semi-transparent shapes that overlap and intertwine.” The 2016 vintage of this cleaned up at Royal Melbourne Wine show, collecting Top Gold and Trophy.

Dalfarras, Pinot Grigio, Nagambie Lakes, 2017


Has the faintest onion skin blush of colour in the glass.  Plenty of expressive aromas with stonefruits, brown pear slices and light honey. There’s also nutty and creamy characters suggesting some time on lees. A rich but crisp palate that sits neatly into the “grigio” groove. Along with ripe peach and pear fruit, the complexity of lees ageing and possibly some barrel maturation brings a textured and smoky nuance. The flavour finish is medium in length with refreshing acidity. A well put together wine showing that sometimes the hand of the winemaker is the right influence.

RRP: $19.50
Alc: 13%
Rating: 16.75/20

Wine sample courtesy of Tahbilk 

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