Banta Box Montepulciano NV

Banta Box is the newest player in the premium cask market. Born of the Calabria Family Wines and packaged in eco friendly materials resulting in “13% of the carbon footprint” associated with presenting the wine in a glass bottle.  Banta is also being used as a equivalent term for “banter,” that is, the chat that happens with good friends and the right amount of social lubrication.
No vintage stated for the wine. Vegan friendly.

Banta Box, Montepulciano, Riverina, NV

Forest floor and darkly herbal cherry with deep raspberry before hints of strap licorice and baked red apple. A touch simple and full on the palate, but carrying the right amount dark herbal action and acidity to let you know you’re drinking something a little different. Hard and firm tannin structure with a just a stumpy tail length of flavour. I’d be happy to have tumblers of this served with big bowl of pasta and meaty ragu. 

: $13.99 (2 Litres)
Alc: 13%
Rating: 16.5/10 (86/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Calabria Family Wines


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