De Bortoli Petit Moscato NV

Most people aren’t aware when they see “Moscato” on the label, it’s usually/predominantly Muscat Rouge à Petits Grains. De Bortoli are transparent here by stating this for their new release. The labelling also floral and appealing with inspiration from “Boho Cacti, which brings to the beauty and free spirit of the vast, hearty and magnificent flora.” This is priced a lot higher than the usual frivolous Moscatos and could be nearly classed as a premium release. Cork (diam) seal.

De Bortoli, Petit Moscato, Riverina,NV

Pale coral/salmon colour and lightly frizzante (sparkling).  Lifted and potent aromas of rosewater, musk, pink salt, strawberry sorbet and pink peppercorn. Concentrated mousse that blooms over a balanced near-plush/silky palate of sweet fruit, crisp acidity and a savoury salty offset. A medium tail of flavour length. Certainly reaches its lofty ambition.

RRP: $21.95
Alc: 7%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli


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