Hidden Treasure by Toi Toi


How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you cry out so the masses hear your voice above others? How to differentiate yourself? Well, if you’re a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (or indeed, a wine blogger), this is something that is almost enough to keep you awake at night…

Well, in this case, to establish an island of individuality in a seemingly biblical flood of “cougar juice,” throw a slug of Pinot in and leave it on lees for a little while.  The result? A vibrantly electric pink Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Toi Toi wines were established in 2006 and own a 28 hectare vineyard. Wines are made by “Roseworthy trained Chris Young…at Spring Creek Vintners in Marlborough and bottled locally, at Wineworks Marlborough.”

The front label also contains a few “Hidden Treasures” with the representation of native New Zealand animals hiding* in the Kowhai tree: Long-tailed bat, Archey’s Frog, Kiwi, Yellow Eyed Penguin, Southern Falcon, Pacific Gecko and Tui.

But: do you put it in the Sauv Blanc section? Or the Rosé section? Either way, I’m not sure it’s going to be an easy sell due to the confusion (even though it’s exclusive to Woolworths) but the juice inside is okay…

Hidden Treasure ‘Pink Sauvignon,’ Marlborough, 2014

TT Hidden Tresure Bottle Shot

That blush…nay, luminescence, the Pinot provides is quite striking. Cerise coloured, like a glass of Red Cordial. Nose of archetypical SB with a twist: Gooseberry, wet dewy grass, tropical fruits and a little raspberry confection. Palate of Passionfruit extreme (exacerbated by the Pinot?) Tropical fruit sweet along with that distinct Marlborough grassy herbaceous flavour. Just the tiniest touch of grip to give the wine a little bit of body. Finishes with sour acidity. The Pinot certainly gives it a point of difference in the marketplace, but unsure of the longevity of the style…..

RRP: AU $11.99

Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of Toi Toi Wines and BrandAmpNZ

*Not quite “Where’s Wally?” Hidden…..

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