Kalleske – The Lost Post

I have a confession that I’m quite embarrassed to confide in you all….I seem to have lost a post. For the most part my normal writing routine is into a small notebook (hence the naming of my blog) which allows me to scribble away in my own form of hieroglyphics (pen in one hand, glass in the other) and then at an appropriate time transfer into this digital format which becomes a sort of Rosetta Stone for you, gentle reader.

Once this translation is complete and I press the Go button, I place a tick on the applicable entry in my notebook to indicate publication. So, as I’m currently writing up the excellent new release Kalleske wines from 2015 and 2014, I flicked back through my notebook to last year’s releases, only to find a Tick…but no post!

So, please gentle reader, I apologise to you (and to Kalleske) for the strange occurrence of the Lost Post, but please use these as a benchmark comparison for the impending posts of the current vintages….

Kalleske, ‘Rosina’ Rosé, Barossa Valley, 2014

Yes, this is the 2015 label, but just squint and the 5 looks like a 4. Sort of.

Yes, this is the 2015 label, but just squint and the 5 looks like a 4. Sort of.

Made from Grenache, Shiraz and Viognier, this is potentially the only blending of these in a rosé outside the Rhone Valley. Wild and Barrel fermentation gives even more oomph.

Smells super spiced and inviting: little strawberry soaps, earthy and chalky. Lifted apricot slices from the Viognier and a little bit of cheesy funk from the extra love at fermentation. Certainly not the same old Barossa rosé: There’s impeccable balance with just the right amount of ripe fruit, acid and grip. So moreish and easily more than a quaffer.

RRP: $19

Alc: 12%

Kalleske, ‘JMK’ Shiraz VP, Barossa Valley, 2014



Most fortified wines of the ‘Port’ category that people are used to in Australia are ‘Tawny’ Ports. That is, a blend of many vintages (of sometimes several different grape types) that have been put together and had all the ageing done before they’re bottled. These are the ones that usually sit on the booze shelf with a quick nip or two drunk and only sees the light of day at Great Uncle Norman’s birthday and Christmas. Tasting strongly of ‘Rancio’ (that buttery, walnut character) and with a definite brown/tawny colour, these babies are the the Toyota Hi-Lux of the fortified wine world: you just can’t kill them with a stick. Vintage Ports are a slightly different beast. Made from the one vintage year (which will be proudly displayed) they have the potential to age due to the conditions of the vintage like any wine and of course, the fortification process. This involves the addition of (usually) Brandy spirit to increase the total alcohol content, but stops fermentation of the remaining sugars in the base wine, which leaves a natural sweetness and ‘fortifying’ the wine for years to come.

The JMK, presented in a short, squat, powerful looking 500ml bottle which reminds me of one the Dwarves from the Lord Of The Rings series. Intense raspberry and plum syrup nose. Concentrated with a distinct Herbal/Jägermeister tonic lilt.  Precise and not spirituous or hot at all.

Deep red fruit flavour reminiscent of Raspberry coulis. Smooth and full (not quite luscious), it retains the lovely structure of a well made Barossa Valley Shiraz, albeit stronger due to the fortification process. No caramel coloured old man juice here, this is bright and alive….and a bargain.

RRP: $23

Alc: 18%

Pirathon by Kalleske, Shiraz, Barossa Valley, 2014



Not specifically from Kalleske, this wine is sourced from growers the Kalleske’s trust and share an ethos with. Striking packaging: heavy embossed bottle and tactile label which lists the Kalleske’s fruit growers. The label also speaks to all components of the wine making. 4 types of oak bring layers of complexity, like a subsection cut of Moppa soil.

Dark Christmas cake spice and fruit with those unique oak smells. Drifts and wanes from cedar to vanilla-edged bourbon to mahogany. Dark black fruit: almost pure blackberry fruit; tart plums and chocolate. A distinct note also of cheddar cheese protein strength (wild ferment?). Plenty of chalky, drying tannins Beautifully full without being overpowering.

RRP: $23

Alc: 14.5%

All wines samples courtesy of Kalleske Wines

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