Longview Winter Reds


The team at Longview Vineyard are continuing their great work and are bringing home wine show medals left, right and centre. So on this, the last Sunday in Winter for 2015, if you’re thinking about a red wine for the still cool nights of the impending Spring, you could do worse than any from the selection below.

Longview “Red Bucket” Shiraz/Cabernet, Adelaide Hills, 2013


Has just picked up a gold medal at China Wine & Spirit awards. Smart bunch. This is the entry level brand for Longview and it certainly punches well above its weight. Predominantly made from the (picturesque) estate fruit.

Bright-hearted coloured wine with a purple edge. Most entry level wines can look dull, but this radiates life well. Smells of dark and wet stones, plums, pencils, chicory, a tiny hint of peppermint and fresh rhubarb just pulled out of the vegie patch. The dark coolness with a savoury edge that is the Adelaide Hills shows in full effect. Fine tannins wash like silty sand from a gold miner’s pan. There’s a little heat, but it adds to the generosity. Full flavoured with dark chocolate, dusty Cabernet violets and olives. Loganberry fruit plumps out cool acidity. More structure than many wines $10 more expensive than this.  The only thing that lets me down is the label. The other Longview labels are all quite striking (especially the top end) and whilst the wine is meant to be all about drinkability, the label still makes it look cheaper than it is. But hey, you can’t drink a label, so just enjoy the juice inside.

RRP: $17

Alc: 14.2%

Longview “Devils Elbow” Cabernet Sauvignon, Adelaide Hills, 2012


The least adorned of the 3 wines with only bronzes and silvers, but across a couple of continents. Earth, wet cassis, blackcurrant, just-chomped cigar end, olive, chocolatey oak and a little savoury spice. Sandy tannins invade every corner of the mouth keeping blackcurrant fruit held at bay whilst they march like a line of riot police banging their shields with their truncheons. In time, the dominant paradigm will subvert and that flesh will be on display like a French protest. Throw in a hint of clovey spice, some smooth spearmint and you’ve got a dark fruited structured Cabernet that maybe just has a little creep of booze over the stated label amount.

RRP: $27

Alc: 14.3%

Longview Riserva Nebbiolo, Adelaide Hills, 2012


Planck’s Constant? I’ll let you work it out….

Bottled under diam and with the etching depicting Saturn, the Roman god of Agriculture, (Peter and Mark Saturno’s Great [x 200] Grand-dad?), the packaging is top notch.

Gold medal at the Melbourne International Wine Competition. Nebbiolo translates as “little fog” from the misty vineyards of the spiritual home around Piedmont in North West Italy. Disarmingly lightly coloured. Smells of roses, bitumen, a hint of balsamic strawberry, blueberry and walnutty furniture. The palate deep with tannin and acid. Dark blueberry, almost cherry fruit alongside the twang of the bitter bitumen, all capped with that gravelly tannin. Whilst this is supposedly the most alcoholic by volume of the 3 wines, it certainly doesn’t stick out, just provides a little bit of oomph. Will live for a while yet, so break it out in a couple of years when you’re romping with your servants and celebrating Saturnalia.

RRP: $45

Alc: 14.5%


All wines samples courtesy of Longview Vineyard


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