Tassie Pinot Round Up

A Christmas gift in the form of a round up of some exceptionally classy Tassie Pinots…

Pressing Matters, Coal River Valley 2012


Raw beefsteak, cherries, sweet oak (almost a coconut-esque), tiny bit blueberry. Palate is starting to raisin with a drying aspect. Cherries finish up a little too soon, left with a slight tannin handshake, before returning for final “see ya later” wave. In a field of 5…someone has to come 5th.

RRP:  $49

Alc: 13.9%

Pressing Matters, Coal River Valley 2010:

Profoundly woody and spiced. Fruits of the forest, black cherry with a very slight cola/herbed lift.
Has elegance. Tannins seem fluffy but still structural. There’s a slight meatier note, but still very fruity with those lovely fruit of the forest flavours. Still carrying youth, praise be screwcaps.

RRP: ???

Alc: 13.5%

Dawson & James, Meadowbank (Derwent Valley), 2014 

Smoky, oaky, gun smoke, dog fart, pate, graphite with deep raspberry and cherry. Palate is super supple, oak is quite dominant, smoothing out that raspberry & acidity. No doubting the pedigree and the winemaking, yet full and a touch brutish, but doesn’t resort to being Neanderthal.

RRP: $68

Alc: 13.5%

Home Hill, Kelly’s Reserve, Huon Valley, 2014


The ace in the pack. Deep cherry and rosewood, baked cherry danish pastry and cinnamon spice. This evokes an ancient Japanese etching, incredible detail and structure loaded with honour, fierce stares, sharp swords and flowing robes. The palate bridges both worlds of having a lithe muscular body and the implication of something ethereal, just beyond the reach….it leaves a superlative dangling in front you, but like a mirage that ghosts when you try to touch it. Top quality and deserving of every accolade.

RRP: $60

Alc: 13.8%

Chatto, Huon Valley, 2014


Intrigue. This is Daniel Craig as  James Bond. The frame isn’t gigantic, yet the suits fits perfectly and you know underneath everything is in its  place. Savoury and sweet, black cherry and plums, almost a Chambord like aroma without being overt or spiritous, followed by Fry’s Turkish delight, (choc and rosewater ) with a distinct stemmy lift.  Nutty and savoury frame that is all tightly hemmed in. That central core of fruit which impels the wine forward ensures youthful approachability . Lovely smokiness that lingers long with spicy deft oak.

RRP: $50

Alc: 13.5%

All wines courtesy of a generous Tassie* winemaker.


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