TarraWarra Estate Nebbiolo 2014

I love stories that give life to the wine outside the juice, this has 4 differing clones of Nebbiolo grafted onto (then) 23 year old vines: the roots would have been buried deep. The label a representation of Thornton Walker‘s “Composition with 2 Trees” and bears his signature with a biography. This is the very first release of Nebbiolo for TarraWarra.

TarraWarra Estate, Nebbiolo, Yarra Valley, 2014


Just rusty to clear in the glass. Attractive and intriguing nose. Like Salome’s dance, it reveals some flesh before covering up in a twirl of perfume. Light rosewater, drying herbs, kid skin, smooth bitumen, and lightly cured/smoked meats. Lightly fruited with rosewater and pomegranate before woody, dried mint leaves a lingering impression. If you like Nebbiolo, the tannins will seem appropriately grippy and drying. Will reward some time in the cellar. A very good first performance

RRP: $35

Alc: 13.8%

Wine sample courtesy of TarraWarra Estate



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