De Bortoli Wines La Bohème The Missing Act 2015

Supposedly, it was “revealed in the 1950s that there was an act which Puccini decided not to use in his composition of the opera La Bohème. The Missing Act describes a late night, all night open-air party which sounded pretty good to us but probably more of the same for Puccini. Hence it was never used.” Thus reads the media release for this wine. Unsure of how it would have gone down. I’m more partial to the next bit about how the wine came about from De Bortoli’s winemakers:

“Sarah Fagan had already been dabbling with ‘whole bunch’ Cabernet ferments for some drink now tannins and interest and Andy Bretherton had been crafting some spanking Sangiovese from the new Brunello clones with whole bunch inclusion, headless barrel ferments etc.
 A few slightly weird after work comparative tastings and this is the sort of Cabernet blend that we think the ‘new wine cluster’ are up for. Richness, balance, gentle tannins, character, semi-intellectual and stupidly delicious with modern farm to table eating. Bohemian justification – traditional variety turned on its head and an interesting injection of a non traditional variety in Sangiovese”

De Bortoli Wines, La Bohème The Missing Act, Cabernet/Sangiovese, Yarra Valley 2015debortolithe-missing-act87% Cabernet (100% Whole bunch) and 13% Sangiovese (10% whole bunch). 12 months new and old French oak. Big, ripe, fruity. Plenty of blackcurrant and fresh herbs. Campfire smoke and fennel add to the ensemble. Delicious mouth feel: tight tannins that grip and don’t let go. The blackcurrant and almost cola fruit dance well together. A hint of pink marshmallow to sweeten tart cherry. If you’re dying of consumption in an attic, this is the kind of wine you’d like to share with your povo mates. Bravo to the wine making team for the innovation.

RRP: $24.69

Alc: 13.5%

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli Wines

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