Berton Vineyards Durif 2016

Usually when a Durif arrives it has aged in oak for many years, so t’is rare to get one that’s released in its youth. It’s not usually known to be a grape that produces a joven style….

Berton Vineyards Durif, Riverina, 2016

Inky, dense and impenetrable. The wine is almost glacial as it slowly drifts back down the side if the glass. Crushed cherry, plum, blackberry jam, Easter egg milk chocolate (it truly has a smell all its own) and sweet vanilla. Solid mouthfeel with overtly sweet licorice initially before truck loads of  dark black fruit. Chunky, almost obnoxious persistence. Not the best release from Berton.

RRP: $12
Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Berton Vineyards


2 responses to “Berton Vineyards Durif 2016

    • Hi Roger. I’d say this is a short to medium term cellaring wine: 5 years at best. The beauty lies in durif’s tannin structure which you’d still want to experience when drinking and food matching. Enjoy!

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