Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz Rosé NV

A slight change in the naming for this wine with the addition of the word “Rosé” now being added after ‘spritz.’ (Bottle image, even from the JC website still has the previous, lonely word). Made by blending their base Prosecco with bitters, blood oranges and “carefully selected” botanicals. I would argue that this is technially not a rosé. The label does say it is a ‘botanically blended wine product,’ so let’s leave it at that. Fruit sourced from South Eastern Australia, other ingredients local and imported. Jacob’s Creek’s sparkling maker is Trina Smith.

Jacob’s Creek, Prosecco Spritz Rosé, SEA, NV



Capitalising on the zeitgeist for things with a bitter twist, this may seem a convenient method for those who don’t know how (or want) to mix their Aperol and Prosecco. Made for splashing over plenty of ice in the afternoons by the pool. The botanicals are strong on the nose (including a sharp ginger note) while the palate gives a moosh of grapefruit and blood orange with just enough bitterness to stop the sweetness. The lingering flavour is one not unlike an orange tic-tac. I’m sure this will sell aplenty over the long summer months.

RRP: $19.99
Alc: 8%
Rating: 15/20 (it’s not faulty…but I’m not scoring it as a wine!)

Wine sample courtesy of Jacob’s Creek

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