Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Skywalk Riesling 2021

According to the website, Castle Rock Estate have sold out of this little beauty. A second label (but no lesser a wine) to the Porongurup. Not named after any Star Wars characters, rather the local geological feature.

Castle Rock Estate, Skywalk, Riesling, Porongurup, 2021


Pale and near water clear with hint of green. Uplifted and fresh nose of summer lime, a kiss of rosewater with a crushed salt grounding. Dry, tight and initially a little reticent. Evolving to a briny, near salty tang over bright lime and green apple. Lovely lines with well judged acidity. Top value summer drinking.

RRP: $21
Alc: 11%
Rating: 17.75/20 (91/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine


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