Chaffey Bros Wine Co La Résistance!* 2020

This year a blend of 48% Grenache, 30% Shiraz and 22% Mourvèdre.

*Light’s Vision: A Battle for the Barossa. The CB boys explain this better than I can:
“A vinous rematch of the famous 1811 battle at Barrosa Ridge where Spain and France collided. La Résistance! takes up the fight for the traditional French varieties of the Barossa and pitches gnarly old vine Grenache, Syrah & Mourvèdre into defence against the invading foreign marauder.”

Chaffey Bros Wine Co, La Résistance!, G.S.M. Barossa, 2020


A poignant extension of the franchise we’ve come to enjoy: roast nuts, chocolate sauce, dark raspberry, crushed herbs, some inky iodine and even a little cherry ice cream. Class volume turned up a few notches with better concentration of fruit (still a little prickle) through the silky palate. Good persistence of flavour and lip smacking tannin. Said before and I’ll say it again, this needs big glasses and an open fire and you’re doing the bull dance in your happy place.

RRP: $27
Alc: 14.5%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Chaffey Bros


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