Orlando Steingarten Riesling 2020

Icon label. Tim Pelquest-Hunt, Orlando’s winemaker said that in 2020 they had such a small picking window for this fruit. The vintage lead in was a dry one, with a bit of wind about affecting flowering but the quality of the fruit was second to none. The winemaking was with a gentle press cycle and left on gross lees for a few months to build texture to provide a base for the pristine juice.

Orlando, Steingarten, Riesling, Eden Valley, 2020

Orlando Steingarten 2020

Classic and fine. Diamond edged with aromatic florals and talcy, chalk-like earthiness. Attention grabbing with its “scintillating freshness” and exquisite detail. Length and persistence: the acidity is electric without being fatal. The dichotomy of juicy refreshment and mouth watering need for quenching is palpable: Ethereal and textural, this wine is an icon for a reason.

RRP: $50
Alc: 11.5%
Rating: 19/20 (96/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Orlando Wines and Liquid Ideas


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