Shaw Wines Riesling 2022

Shaw wines are located in the prized strip of New South Wales of Murrumbateman, however due to a couple of rubbish vintages (who’d be a farmer?) they’ve had to look away from their estate for grapes. Here they’ve gone to one of the sacred grounds for Riesling: Eden Valley

Shaw Wines, Riesling, Eden Valley, 2022

Just as their Canberra region releases are, it sits on the mid-line of the “Dry” IRF section according to the scale. Floral and limey with slightly sweeter citrus tones and suggestions of ripe stone fruit over apple skin, anise, sherbet and bath soaps. Generous and giving palate: broad feel with bittersweet citrus, green stone fruit and honeysuckle. Good drive and juicy acidity keep things bright and sharp.

RRP: $32
Alc 12.5%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Shaw Wines


2 responses to “Shaw Wines Riesling 2022

  1. Pretty sure (no pun intended) that they’ve pulled the vineyard and sold it off as housing blocks

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