Miles From Nowhere Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010


Okay, so this isn’t going to be one of the most expensive wines I’ve ever tasted, but I have an ethos..a belief…that someone out there put blood sweat and tears into making this wine in the hope of earning a living. Therefore, why can’t I give it 10 minutes of my time? It may not be to my personal drinking preferences but guaranteed there’s a market somewhere for almost all styles of wine, and this style will happily find a home during the warmer months.

For interest’s sake, I’m tasting out of two different Riedel glasses. My usual Vinum taster and a Vitis series Riesling/Semillon specific.
The Vitis gives sweeter tropical notes: melon, passionfruit and only hints of grass. The Vinum takes more work to coax the nose, but the aromas are far more profound: grass, fresh hay bales and a deeper citrus.
On the palate, the Vitis seems a little simple and short but with pleasant white fruit, some good acidity and slightly gravelly texture.
The Vinum gives broadness of mouthfeel with almost grapefruit tang, minerals and acidity.

Though this is the 2010, the wine is still fresh and checking the website, the label is up to the 2011 vintage. I would imagine the 2012 is out there somewhere…and the 2013 probably isn’t too far away either. The winemaking is lead by Franklin Tate, so there’s some good guidance in the juice.
But let’s face facts: it is a non-thinking, have with friends kind of summer wine, destined for lunchtime and evenings with light food without being shrill or offensive. And sometimes that is all someone wants to drink…
12.6% Alcohol

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