Scott…of the Adelaide Hills

Scott...a lot going on.

Scott…a lot going on.

I must admit, I knew little of Scott Winemaking until I saw a tweet from a friend, Tony Peters, saying how much he’d loved the Fiano. I got in touch with Sam Scott and he sent me 2 of his range, the 2010 Shiraz Sangiovese and the 2012 Fiano. The 2011 Fiano has been a successful little number winning some silverware at the Australian Alternative Wine Show. Considering the quality of the 2012 Vintage, I think that Sam may have to make some more room on the shelves. Truly small batch, I think some of the wines are still available for purchase, but you’d better be quick before they all disappear.

"Fi-A-No...god how I love you so!"

“Fi-A-No…god how I Love…You…So!”

2012 Fiano

Complex structured layers of nuts and fresh biscuits overlaid with lemon spread. There’s a richness of fruit with a slightly rubbery/kero nose. Lovely dry, full mouth feel balanced by long savoury mineral qualities and zippy acidity.  Finishes off long with nuttiness, toasted cinnamon spice and a hint of fig. A man’s man’s white wine.

Alcohol 13.5%

RRP: $26

All about Harmony. And Peace. And Love. Oh and Wine.

All about Harmony. And Peace. And Love. Oh and Wine.

2010 Shiraz Sangiovese

88 and 12 respectively. Purple edged in the glass. Bright new nose of fresh leather, cherries, violets and purple flowers. Medium weighted. Alive. Structure and balance. Whilst the Shiraz is the dominant parcel, the Sangiovese certainly goes a long way to directing the show. A little bit like Master/Blaster from Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome. There’s lovely ripe (not overdone) dark red fruits, sour cherries and a hint of cola. 14% alc and just right on the juicy scale. The acidity is higher than first expected and you can feel it on your teeth as it fights for your attention from  the lingering savoury aspects from the Sangiovese. Exquisite use of oak simply compliments and puts the icing on the cake. Incredibly drinkable.

Alcohol 14%

RRP: $26

Both wines samples courtesy of Scott Winemaking

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