Wolf Blass Yellow Label – Back to the Front

Wolf Blass Yellow label first rolled off the line in 1966, that’s a fair age and history for a label in Australia. It holds a place in their stable as:  the heartland of the Wolf Blass brand – single varietal, fruit driven and South Australian. 

So with a re-focus now on sourcing the right fruit from the right areas in South Australia, the labels have been given a make over and proudly display their providence.

“Yellow Label” Chardonnay, Padthaway and Adelaide Hills, 2014

Yellow Label Chardonnay

Always liked the name “Padthaway.” Think I’ll name my dog that (when I eventually get one).  More like an onomatopoeia: It sounds like what he’d do when turning-in tired from a long day in the winery, being a winery dog and all. He’d probably just get ‘Paddy’ though.

Nectarines, pea shoots, lemon rind, stinky chardonnay ferment and popcorn kernels. Very primary. Fuzzy stone fruit skins, warming oak spice and puckering lemon citrus. A touch of the old school. Not in a bad way.

RRP: $15.99

Alc: 13%

“Yellow Label” Cabernet Sauvignon, Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale, 2013

WB YL Cab Sauv

Langhorne Creek reminds of the cartoon rooster, Foghorn Leghorn. I Say Boy! This has olives, Satsuma plums (Finally James, I worked out that smell!), dark Lindt 75% choc and some McLaren Vale ferrous meaty blood. There’s some reductive cabbagey stink too, but I suspect this should blow off as the juice settles into its bottled skin.

Plenty of dark, savoury, chocolatey, blackcurrant, by the numbers Cabernet with a fine sandy mesh of tannins that seem to be there because Cabernet should have tannins. It’s solid, it’s varietal and what you expect from a Cabernet. if you can find it under the RRP on special, definitely safe to turn up to a BYO restaurant with mid-week.

RRP: $15.99

Alc: 13.5%

Both wines samples courtesy of Wolf Blass Wines


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