Mosse Moussamousettes PetNat 2013


Roger Dyson & Sue McShane are a wonderful pair. Running their wine business, Living Wines from Hobart, they source wines from organic, Biodynamic and all sorts of “-ic” exciting producers across Europe. Not all of these makers conform to the dominant paradigm…but that makes for interesting booze indeed.

Their first public tasting in Hobart was held today at the excellent Franklin Restaurant, by showing a mix of whites, oranges, a rosé, reds, Normandy Cider & an excellent Muscat à Petit Grain/d’Alexandria fortified by Jolly Ferriol from Rivesault.
The tasting started with this Péttilant  Naturel (PetNat) from the Loire Valley by Agnes and René Mosse of Domaine Mosse.

A blend of Grolleau, Gamay & Cabernet Franc with a hint of residual sugar.
Smells of sweet strawberry soaps, jelly crystals, a touch of rosewater, citrus skins and vaguely of Orange TicTacs…
A little coarse on the bead and mousse but that adds to the toothfulness and textural aspect.
Ripe bright red fruits dance through refreshing aperitif level acidity. Flavour lasts long with an earthy coolness. Playful and almost mischievous…definitively a wine for sharing. Crown seal.

I urge you to sign up to their newsletter, try the wines and see Roger and Sue at Rootstock in November in Sydney, if not before.

Alc: 12%

Sample courtesy of Living Wines


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