Oxford Landing Estates 2015 Crisp Whites


The Riverland area of South Australia is one of the work-horses of Australian wine and isn’t usually spoken about as being able to produce ‘top tier’ wines, but that doesn’t mean the wines aren’t good. Oxford Landing is a recognised “cheapie” but you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to discover the pedigree of the label. Nice little accompanying neck label with good details of the history of the well known winery, as well as all the tech specs for the vintage, viticulture and winemaking.

Oxford Landing Estates, Sauvignon Blanc, Riverland 2015 


Fresh nose with light tropical fruit, cotton swathing, banana lollies, red capsicum and mown grass. Plenty of gooseberry, green melon fruit, a touch of earthy camp fire ash with a little bit of textural complexity from partial fermentation on skin.  Tight, puckering and zesty acid, almost with a mineral line. Clean, rather than cloying or sweaty. Does exactly what it says it does on the label, but does it well.

RRP: $8.99

Alc: 10.5%


Oxford Landing Estates, Pinot Grigio, Riverland 2015 


Definitively in the Italian (Grigio rather than Gris) spectrum with aromas of pear, soft citrus, a touch of cheesy waxy complexity from being left on lees….even a ghosting of sweet rosewater. Mouth filling with plenty of varietal pear flavour, some light grape fruit bittersweet citrus, crisp mange tout/snow pea and a touch of spice. Love that lingering Turkish Delight hit. Take a bow Andy La Nauze and team: Quaffable and delivers exceptional value for money. Rock on.

RRP: $8.99

Alc: 10.5%

Wine samples courtesy of Oxford Landing Estates

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