Calabria Family Wines – 3 Bridges Botrytis Semillon 2012

With news that the Calabria family of Riverina, NSW have purchased the old Magnolia Vale winery in the Barossa Valley, I remembered I hadn’t tasted this ‘sticky’ under their 3 Bridges Label. I’ve been told that it’s business as usual for the current tenants of the cellar door, the very excellent Artisans of the Barossa, So to celebrate the sweet news, let’s re-visit the heartland of Calabria.

Calabria Family Wines – 3 Bridges Botrytis Semillon 2012

3Bridges BotSemDistinct Botrytis nose: Marmalade, apricot and pineapple. A bit reductive and dog-farty with some cabbagey tones that can exist in youthful Botrytised wines (especially under screw cap) Flax, wheat and lemon curd from the Semillon round out an overall attractive dessert nose.

Palate is luscious and full, with light honey dipped tropical fruits, tangy marmalade and driving lemon/lime Splice citrus acid from the Semillon. Finishes tight and well in check without being unctuous or flabby. Not the most celebrated Botrytis dessert wine from the Riverina, but certainly worthy of attention.

RRP: $25

Alc: 12%

Wine sample courtesy of Calabria Family Wines

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