Thomas Wines Murphy’s Semillon 2015

I wasn’t sure where the naming for this one came about, I though perhaps it is in reference to ” Murphy’s Law,” that is: Anything that can go wrong, will. Or perhaps “Sgt Murphy’s Rules of Combat,” where friendly fire is the most accurate…..But no, it’s a vineyard in the lower Lovedale region of the Hunter. Thommo usually takes fruit around the heart of the Hunter in Pokolbin, and the Lovedale area is towards the east where the soils are deep and sandy, yet still capable of producing #Semsational wines

Thomas Wines, Murphy’s Semillon, Hunter Valley 2015

Murphys semillonThicker and denser nose than Thommo’s other Semillons. Waxy and showing the whole bunch influence of Thommo’s style. Certainly a richer flavour with almost grapefruit citrus rather than the tight lemon we’ve becomed accustomed to. The signature acid structure is there, but this feels more statuesque. Capacity for ageing is there, (but approachable now) but think it’ll broaden and toast a little sooner than others.

RRP: $24

Alc: 10.7%

Wine sample courtesy of Thomas Wines


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