Voyager Estate Project Gin Gin Chardonnay 2012

Voyager Estate, whilst completely collegiate in nature with their Masterclasses, also don’t mind pulling back the curtain and showing you how the magician saws the lady in half. The Project wines are created to showcase the components that make up the “Estate” wines, and certainly whilst the intent is that the sum of the parts is better than the individuals, these wines can more than just hold their own.

Voyager Estate Project Gin Gin Chardonnay, Stevens Valley, Margaret River, 2012

ProjectGinGinComplex and powerful: Seaweed, brine, light nougat and peach skin. The palate shows smooth oak and the mere suggestion of maturation (tis a 2012 after all). Ripe, rich elegant stone fruit leads into creamy nougat before the flavours trail for what seems like eternity, until to be sharply sliced by a razor of acidity. An exquisite Chardonnay, that deserves to be more than simply a “project” wine.

RRP: $55

Alc: 12.4%

Wine sample courtesy of Voyager Estate


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