Taylors Promised Land Unwooded Chardonnay 2015

Probably takes some balls these days to put “unwooded” as a prefix to your Chardonnay label. The practice was borne as a marketing tactic to fight the Sauvalanche, and to herald the cry “My Chardy’s not flabby!” to the ‘ABC’ crowd. I’d rather just see Chardonnay on the label and save the ink. This label comes with a nifty little invention called “thermo-chromatic ink technology” which displays optimal drinking temperature by a indicator colour square and a chart (A bit Goldilocks: too warm, too cold and just right). So in some ways, whilst the 1990’s was all about oaked, buttery Chardonnay, it was also about HyperColor shirts, which I think is the same technology being used here. Anyway….

Picture via Smithsonian Website

Taylors Promised Land Unwooded Chardonnay, South Australia, 2015

TaylorsPLUWChardPlenty of ripe peach stonefruit, nougat, jasmine and a little orange bitters. Pleasant enough palate, with quality Chardonnay fruit: lemon, stonefruit slices and a little blossom sweetness balanced by grapefruit bitterness towards the finish. Simple, but does exactly what it says on the label…even if it says that I tasted it too warm. Buy when on special.

RRP: $15

Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of Taylors Wines

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