Wolf Blass Altitude Chardonnay 2015

Apparently the source of fruit for this Chardonnay is at the same altitude as the Sauvignon Blanc, 313 metres above sea level. Exclusive to Liquorland and First Choice outlets. Winemaker is John Ashwell.

Wolf Blass, Altitude Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills 2015

Altitude Chardonnay

70% Stainless Steel and 30% older French oak. Pretty white and yellow stone fruits (think nectarine and peach), a hint of barley sugar and whispers of oak. Nothing intrusive or insulting. Cool climate, modern Chardonnay formula being worked well here. Just the right amount of complexity with the older French oak providing the nutty note. Juicy light lemon citrus and crisp white peach slices flavours inside a light/medium bodied structure. The stainless steel ferment keeps it light and the acid zingy. The quality of wine making is obvious. Pleasant chardonnay drinking and a good value purchase if found for a lower price.

RRP: $19.99

Alc: 13.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Wolf Blass/Treasury Wine Estates


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