Mitchell Wines McNicol Shiraz 2006

Geez, I’d hate to be the Mitchell Wines accountant. Not only are they releasing their top Shiraz at 10 years of age, they’re doing for under $50. Madness. Note, the winery has now rolled to the 2007 Vintage.

Mitchell Wines, McNicol Shiraz, Clare Valley, 2006


Dense and powerful: every dark berry going on, predominantly old school CWA blackberry jam. Chalky earthiness, peanut brittle/peanut bar (think Whittaker’s peanut slab) and smidgeon of licorice, a pinch of white pepper. The body weight is still full and only showing glimpses of maturity. Big dollops of chocolatey oak and gob fulls of dark brooding Clare fruit. Tannins are only just starting to integrate. By The Gods this would have been a monster in its youth. Ariadne, roll your twine: plenty of time for this minotaur to sit in the middle of Dædalus’ maze yet.

RRP: $45

Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Mitchell Wines


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