Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc 2014

I always get a bit worried when “aromatic, crisp” whites are imported from 2 vintages ago. Especially in clear glass (danger of light strike) and who knows the conditions being transported halfway around the globe. Hopefully all care was taken (refrigerated containers etc). Anyways, made by Concha y Toro and sourced from Casablanca, Limari and Rapel Valleys in Chile. Imported into Australia by Pinnacle Liquor exclusively for Woolworths.

Casillero del Diablo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile, 2014

The age is apparent immediately from the colour: soft gold with its original green highlights still only peeking at the edges. The nose also unmasks it for being just less than fresh: tinned and creamed asparagus, passionfruit cream, dried pineapple and guava and yet holding on with a floral frangipani. The palate is a little more forgiving with bright acidity trying to defy the march of time and balance the rounder, softer mushed tropical fruits before a floury finish.

RRP: $13.99
Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of Dialogue PR and Pinnacle Drinks


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