La Planchelière Sparkling Rosé NV

Labelled Anjou DOP (formerly known as DOC) and “Méthode Traditionelle.”  Made from Cabernet Franc and the maligned Grolleau (which is a permitted grape variety for the rosé for the appelations of of Anjou, Touraine and Samur.  It is limited to only rosé and sparkling wines and is not allowed to be made into the red table wine blends). Imported into Australia exclusively by Woolworth’s liquor arm and availble at their Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

Pierre Brevin, La Planchelière, Sparkling Rosé, Grolleau, Cabernet Franc, Anjou, NV

A light peach blush colour rather than an overt rosé pink. Soft musk, powdered tomato/onion spice, light strawberry and blood orange. The cabernet franc gives a little grip to the otherwise crisp finish. Nothing out of place and certainly able to hold its own as a value party starter for charcuterie or sushi platters.

Alc: 12%
Rating: 16.5/20

Wine sample courtesy of Pinnacle Drinks and Dialogue PR


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