Hoddles Creek Estate PSB Pinot Noir 2017

There’s no explanation from winemaker Franco D’Anna as to what PSB stands for. Part of the mystery. Just let it happen. Finally, a pinot partner to the Syberia. Single block. MV6 and Pommard clones. Packaging (austere label: weighty bottle) appears distant/unapproachable: a solid sentinel and almost cold. The product is anything but.

Hoddles Creek Estate, PSB, Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, 2017

Charming, subtle yet pulsing fragrant cherry, raspberry and through smoky baked orange spice, cherry flesh/juice and a stalky hint of woody sideboard/bureau. There’s a touch of richer chocolate aromas just as you withdraw the glass. Suave, elegant plentiful, tannins make for a complete palate along with an energetic fruit profile full with fine cherry, dark raspberry and milk chocolate. The tail is long as it develops and fans wonderfully through light spice and balanced acidity. Franco and the Hoddles team have come out swinging with this release.

RRP: $60
Alc: 13.2%
Rating: 18.5/20

Wine sample courtesy of Hoddles Creek Estate

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