Dan Murphy’s Cleanskin Riesling 2017

So the grocery behemoth in Australia: Woolworth’s, have produced a clean skin riesling exclusively for their biggest liquour outlet: Dan Murphy’s. Nothing new so far.  However, this particular cheapy recently received a gold medal at the 2018 International Wine Challenge, one of 12 Australian Rieslings to get a gold medal, alongside such safe bets as the O’Leary Walker Polish Hill. So did the judges get it right? Or was it just a fluke of a good bottle with the right conditions on the day? Well, we do know that the 2017 vintage in Clare Valley was a cracker, so maybe it’s hard to stuff up a good year?

Dan Murphy’s, Cleanskin, Riesling, Clare Valley, 2017

Light gold colour with green highlights. Fragrant aromas of slightly sweet Bickford’s Lime cordial, lemon skin, lime juice, light confectionery musk sticks and dusty school room chalk. Very good texture and structure to the wine: Most budget white wines are very thin, wan and seem “missing” on the palate. Flavours run long and crisp with plenty of limey, lemony citrus. Finishing with fresh, juicy and importantly balanced acidity. It is a well made wine and my score would give it a high silver, but it is still missing a bit of the X-factor to get the gold. Nonetheless, a very good wine.

RRP: $8.99
Alc: 12%
Rating:  17.75/20

Wine sample courtesy of Pinnacle Drinks and Dialogue PR

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