Woods Crampton White Label Shiraz 2017

Made by Aaron Wood and Nicholas Crampton for the Fourth Wave Wine team.  93% Shiraz, 5% Mataro and 2% Graciano. 30% new oak for 9 months. 80% Barossa Valley and 20% Eden Valley.

Woods Crampton, White Label, Shiraz, Barossa, 2017

Fruit and spice with plum dust, plum sauce, eucalypt campfire smoke and formic acid (crushed ant). Spices reminiscent of Cinnamon scrolls, camphor and cedar. Slick bittersweet palate: black olive and bitter plum with a wink of blackberry fruit and ruby grapefruit to finish.  tart and medium/full. tannins seem almost devonshire tea like – proper for the afternoon. Closes down with a simple, yet balanced tail
RRP: $21
Alc: 14.5%
Rating: 17/20
Wine sample courtesy of Fourth Wave Wine

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