Suvla Wines Karasazik 2013

Part of a back vintage haul from the Australian Importer, Opal Wines. The fruit grown on the family estate Bozokbag on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Suvla Wines, Karasazik, Gallipoli Peninsula, 2013

The browning rim of the wine (under DIAM) portents the development. Maturing nose: cassis and briar with earthier liqueur cherry and balsamic strawberry tones. Secondary compounds delivering roast meats and leather show the journey of the wine. The palate is still alive with bittersweet balsamic and forest floor mature flavours. Medium bodied wine with light (integrated) tannin. This borders on a darker, broodier version of Pinot Noir, and while there’s little road left to travel for this wine, it still offers unique and interesting drinking.

RRP: approx $18
Alc: 14.5%
Rating:  NA

Wine sample courtesy of importer Opal Wines

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