Tasmanian Southern and Eastern Open Vineyards Weekend 2020

Tasmania is blessed with fantastic growing conditions and picturesque landscapes. Viticulture has been a vital part of the agriculture industry and integral to the boom that Tassie is now experiencing for visitation and recognition of quality winemaking. But not all the vineyards have wineries and are open to the public. The “Open Vineyards” weekend allows the public access to vineyards that they can’t normally get to. The weekend has been running for more than 20 years and this year, wine producers in southern and eastern Tasmania will open their doors on the auspicious weekend of 29 Feb and 1 March for the 2020 Open Vineyards Weekend.

Image courtesy of Derwent Estate

Tasmania is one of the last regions in Australia to go through vintage and the 2020 Tasmanian wine grape harvest is just around the corner. The Open Vineyards weekend provides wine lovers an opportunity to visit, taste wines and chat to the wine producers before they get busy!

The driving force behind this years Open Weekend is winemaker Greer Carland of rising brand Quiet Mutiny: “It is a fantastic opportunity to get out and about and discover the first-class wines we produce, with quite a few of the producers only opening their doors once a year for this event.” 

To add extra incentive Carland advises “many producers will offer back vintages and limited release wines that you just don’t normally get to try and buy.” 

To see the full list of participating producers and find out their extra activities such as onsite food, music and entertainment, head to http://openvineyards.wine/  to see a map and the details of around 30 involved producers!


What’s happening?: 2020 Southern & Eastern Tasmania Open Vineyards Weekend

When is it??: Saturday 29 & Sunday 1 March

Where is it going on???: vineyards in southern and eastern Tasmania – visit http://openvineyards.wine/ for details of participants 



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