Lowe Wines…Tinja White Releases

No need for any introductions for the legend of wine that is David Lowe. With an Indian Summer here in Sydney keeping the days warm, these 2 crisp white wine releases are just the perfect thing for such an afternoon.

Tinja Pinot Grigio, 2013 (Orange)

Just a tinja colour...

Just a tinja colour…

Whilst the Lowe spiritual home is in Mudgee, quite often you’ll see wines being made with fruit from Orange. David Lowe chases delicacy in his white wines, hence the fruit selection from higher altitude vineyards of Orange and the naming convention of Grigio rather than Gris (which conjures up a slightly “Gris-sy” Alsace style.)

Lovely colour of pale onion skin. Beguiling nose of almonds, Beurre Bosc pear, citrus highlights and a complex/serious sweetness reminiscent of Port Royal Tobacco. Just medium-bodied and crisp. Lovely depth of lemons and pear. Lively acidity. Lingering flavours like sucking on smoky quartz rocks. Whilst Pinot Gris is oft derided, there’s no doubting the skill of the winemaking behind this wine, and it shows in the glass.

RRP:  $22 Alc: 12.7%

Tinja Riesling, 2013 (Mudgee)

just a tinja sweetness...

Just a tinja sweetness…

Fruit taken from the sometimes snow-capped vineyards of Nullo Mountain for the sharp acid and citrus and the remainder made up with fruit from the Poet’s Corner vineyard in Mudgee, planted in the 1960’s.

No flies on this wine, Aerogard like aromas with lovely soft lime and lemon. Rocks, lime, juicy acidity, refreshing, vibrant and alive. Wonderfully weighted and balanced, I had it at 4 grams of residual sugar, but the stat sheet tells me 6. Exceptionally tasty drinking and exceptionally good value.

RRP:  $22 Alc: 12.9%

Both wines samples courtesy of Lowe Wines and Define Wine


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