Lowe Wines Organic Block 8 Shiraz 2011


No introduction necessary for the energetic vinous tour de force that is David Lowe.

Block 8 Shiraz, Mudgee. 2011*

An imposing label: Yes, they are grapes yet it implies dark granite. Definitely a forewarning of the almost impenetrable contents. Block 8 is  grown ’organically’ on unirrigated clay soils.  American oak for 2 years. Sealed with a screw cap, I decanted this for an hour before I went anywhere near it. Even that is barely enough oxygen to open this big fella up.

Primary sweet mocha and spice. Then follows rich poached plums, blue fruits and a cool stalky-ness . Dense, smoky and “wet” all at the same time. The more you smell, the more air it gets, the more happens.

Earthy rhubarb front leads to soft dark berry sweetness, then assertive, dominant blueberry, echoes of dried raspberries and spice. Finally the palate is mugged by Tannin and his two brothers: “Tan” and “Nin.”

Just lay it down. Don’t touch it for at least 5 more years and see where it goes.

RRP: $35

Alc: 13.7%

*Note: Lowe Wines have since moved to the 2012 Vintage

Wine sample courtesy of Define Wine and Lowe Wines


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