Gday and Bienvenue…Champagne Brimoncourt


So, a little while ago, I had an email contact from the website from a gentleman by the name of Hugues Villemain. He was claiming to be a young and dynamic French champenois (as if there are any other types of French champenois??) and the new Australian representative of a prestigious Champagne house, Brimoncourt, “taken over” by former Navy Seal and Art Dealer Alexandre Cornot in 2008, who ” has the ambition to redefine the expression of Champagne throughout the world.”  Hugues also stated that he had “heard (my writing) has a strong influence in terms of wine critics.” Not quite a Nigerian prince wanting to share the wealth….but you can understand my skepticism, unless Hugues had been chatting with Huon, James, Campbell and MikeB.
I did a little bit of research to find out Hugues did indeed exist and wasn’t from Nigeria. So did Champagne Brimoncourt, and they’re based in Reims, and with access to vineyards in the heartlands grand cru towns in the Côte des Blancs and along the Marne, not Lagos. And they have some pretty sexy, young, dynamic Champenois website action going on. Just maybe this was the real deal. I replied that I would be interested in seeing what Brimoncourt had to offer. Hugues invited me for a drink, but as I’m currently based in Hobart and Hugues hadn’t got over his jet-lag in Sydney, he arranged for 2 of the labels to be sent from France as Brimoncourt are still working on the distribution here.

Arrive they did and in quality packaging they are, with the Brut Regence having a Giraffe in military uniform, with the reason being (to quote Hugues)

– The giraffe has a long neck to see very far : that is the ambition of the House
– The giraffe wears a military suit : that is the discipline in the winemaking
– And the giraffe is the only animal in Africa which never drinks alone…
That’s solid marketing….

The bubbles inside are also bloody good. Welcome to Australia, Brimoncourt. I look forward to catching up with Hugues soon and having that drink.

Chamagne Brimoncourt, Brut Régence, NV

The entry level cuvee. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pale straw colour. Lots of exciting bubbles linking together and reaching for the surface like strings of pearls running across a stockinged thigh.

Regence_etui_fd_bc (1)
Soft white crusty bread roll, light strawberry tart, a touch of yoghurt, honey, smoke & waxy little rose soaps.
Far more textured, broader across the palate with the addition of the Pinot. Still light with dancing lemony chardonnay, elegant red fruits and soft bran wheatiness. The mousse fluffy and like a little pink cloud exploding Champagney goodness through your mouth.
Acid is well and truly present, gives structure and refreshment where a cheaper NV falls over.

RRP(expected): AU $65
Alc: 12.5%

Chamagne Brimoncourt, Blanc de Blancs, NV

Pale pale gold in the glass. Delicate beading. Looks good and alive. Gorgeous light cream bun, SAO biscuits, pale lemon lollies, bright white flowers, and lovely bubbles from the mousse that tickles the nose.
Quartzy crystalline mouthfeel, plenty of refreshing lemon citrus with elegant acid spine, restrained and fine.Exceptionally fresh….


Feminine, diamond edge cut. Excellent linear Blanc de Blanc with that ever so subtle slight grape fruit fleshy sweetness.
RRP(expected): AU $79
Alc: 12.5%

Wine samples courtesy of Brimoncourt

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