Running With Bulls Tempranillo 2014

Okay….so all the wine nerds out there know the Barossa Valley is full of German ancestry but did you know that Barossa is a misspelling in homage to the Battle of Barrosa? And guess where that was….? Spain. Which leads us perfectly to Tempranillo, one of the main grapes in Rioja and Navarra blends from that country. So “Temp” didn’t have much cred for a few years and the team at RWB were pumping out top quality booze from relatively young wines (in that almost “joven” style that the Rioja can do) for quite a while. Now the grape is far wider established and even being pumped into quaffable 2 litre casks by the Winesmiths and it’s guaranteed to have a great future in Australia. Spain and Australia aren’t that far apart after all. Even if we can’t spell Barrosa.

Running With Bulls, Tempranillo, Barossa, 2014

RWBullsBarossaTempClever little marketing ploy to put Barossa instead of Barossa Valley. I wonder if the history of the name has anything to do with this? And that logo? Also very clever, yet so simple. How can you not see a bull in that iconography? Albeit one without legs. Irony in the nomenclature. Anyway….

Earthy cherry. redcurrant and just opened blueberry punnet, vanilla cola, subtle herbal lift and all the while completely charming. The palate is cushy, yet not too simple with plenty of those red fruits and darker cola syrup hits. Tannins are prevalent and rasp like. It really isn’t trying to push any boundaries: t’is a wine for drinking with food. Easy to down: you could run to this and knock over one glass easily, but be like the old bull, better to walk slowly and knock them all over, in the right company of course.

RRP: $23

Alc: 13.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Running With Bulls


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