Calabria Wines…The Tumbarumba Files

Whilst Calabria have their heart in the Riverina, they manage to source quality fruit from other areas, in this case: the cool climates of Tumbarumba on the western edge of the Snowy Mountains.

Calabria Wines, Three Bridges Chardonnay, Tumbarumba, 2015

3 Bridges Chard_Tumba
Light figgy, peach stone fruit, vanilla cream, clean lemon, balsa wood/hessian and a bit sulfide meatiness.
Tangy up front: spicy oak is a little overpowering the normally pristine Tumby fruit. There’s plenty of atitude/altitude acid and bittersweet tart, grapefruit and tight green melon like tones. A little unbalanced, but maybe served with grilled seafood, it’ll find its happy place.

RRP: $23
Alc: 13%

Calabria Wines Cool Climate Series Pinot Noir, Tumbarumba, 2015

Light cherry, little wooden sticks, red waxy crayons/lipstick, cherry cola. Initially lightly framed but plenty of spicy black pepper, lingering waxy black cherry flavours. A touch austere on fruit flavour but medium alcohol fills the void: that’s part of its attractiveness, like Kate moss’s cheek bones and then her curves. Good value.
RRP: $15
Alc: 13.5%

Wine samples courtesy of Calabria Wines

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