Glaetzer Anaperenna Shiraz/Cabernet 2014

Tasted blind and first in a line up of twelve 2014 Shiraz and Shiraz blends. Under cork.

Glaetzer, Anaperenna, Shiraz/Cabernet, Barossa 2014


Specifically has the words “unfiltered” on the label. Whatevs you say. ….But when that is the only reference to any kind of wine making influence/trickery or special egg management or harvested by midgets or peak drinking ages, these single words echo like a coo-ee in a canyon. This just shirtfronts you with big walls of flavour walls of plums/blackberries and considering the abv, holds a bloody tight youthful balance. It commands respect, it doesn’t rely upon corpulent fruit to push the flavour forward. The drying tannin is like a Lieutenant, not quite completely in charge, but shows the leadership required to direct this well into attack. Crowd favourite.

RRP: $52

Alc: 15%

Wine sample courtesy of Glaezter Wines



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