Jacob’s Creek Barosé 2016

Normally as wine writer, you try to encourage a turn of phrase and prose that seems both eloquent and knowledgeable for the content that gets produced. But as I removed this bottle from the packaging and scanned the label…my first thoughts were, in the lingual zeitgeist of current professional footballer interview responses: “Yeah…Nah.”

The name Barosé is obviously a play on Barossa, the source of the fruit. And potentially a nod to the rise and rise of this style of wine, destined for male markets: “brosé”.

Regardless of all of that, it’s an “on-premises” only wine so look out for it at your nearest sun-drenched watering hole this spring and summer.

Jacob’s Creek Barosé, Barossa Valley, 2016

JC Barose

Pale salmon fillet pink. Light Turkish Delight, rose petals and strawberry flesh. Carries some weight through the palate without much residual sweetness. Some crudo meat balance to the light cherry, strawberry and quince. No great shakes of  flavour length, but not a fruit bomb either.  The dry finish is welcome.

RRP:  Expect to pay around $8 per glass I reckon…..

Alc: 12.7%

Wine sample courtesy of Jacob’s Creek



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