Down The Lane Pinot Grigio Arneis 2016

De Bortoli’s new range of “cheeky vinos” which are “crafted to capture the feel and soul of inner-city laneway culture.” The wines are made by “blending for interest and flavour rather the traditional single variety approach” according to Winemaker John Coughlan. Unsure of target demographic here but I’m not a fan of the labelling, which is a shame as De Bortoli usually nail this aspect in their sleep.

Grapes are sourced from Riverina, King Valley and Yarra Valley.

Down The Lane, Pinot Grigio Arneis, SEA, 2016

Also has a touch of Vermentino. Light gold in colour. Unique nose, sweet yet dry with honey and chalk. Cinnamon spice over slices of white nectarines and pears and some yoghurt leesy funk.  Crisp and textural without being difficult. As one would expect from De Borts: quality without a ridiculous price tag. The blend works, the label doesn’t. Hopefully people will see the Pinot Grigio and give it chance.

RRP: $12 (approx)
Alc: 13%

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli 

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