TarraWarra Estate MDB Chardonnay 2015

The sparkling jewel in the multi faceted crown of TarraWarra: the “MDB” for this label is Marc and Daniel Besen, founders of TarraWarra. This apex from TarraWarra is only released in exceptional vintages such as 2015.

TarraWarra Estate, MDB Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, 2015

Simply an exquisite bouquet with fig, peach, grapefruit pith and white floral hints, supplemented with citrus zest and a linear, mineral cooling quartz. The flavour is refined elegance with each aspect beautifully judged. There’s the lightest smoky macadamia nut kiss to offset that linear rocky quartz and perfect stone fruit. The oak treatment is first class and simply a supportive harmonic. A wine of purity, length and precision.

RRP: $110
Alc: 12.8%

Wine sample courtesy of TarraWarra Estate


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